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This morning in the studio

I haven't been having a good week. My kiln has been giving me problems keep blowing fuses. I fired the same load four times. Finally realizing that I could not diagnose the problem on my own I had to call an electrician. I think the problem was that there was some loose connections in the electrical panel. So hopefully this firing will turn out.

Another thing that happened to me just this morning I was getting a parcel ready for shipping and I dropped the piece on the floor and it smashed into a zillion pieces. So now I have to remake this order

Okay so now on with my day I loaded my kiln to get it ready for firing which I will probably do tomorrow some time.

Then I did some recycling of my clay. To do this you have to let the clay dry out completely. Then you break it into small little chunks put it in a bucket and cover it with water. The reason you have to dry it out is because it is more absorbent that way. If you put it in wet clay in there then it will not absorb the water it'll just stay in chunks.

After it's sat in a bucket of water for about a week and then put it on plaster bats for it to dry out. After it sits on there for a few days it's ready to wedge and use.

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