Christmas blunt holder mug
  • Christmas blunt holder mug

    This is a handmade ceramic Blunt holder Christmas coffee mug. 
    Each  420 Wake and Bake mug I make is unique. This handmade ceramic Blunt holder mugs start as a  lump of clay. The pottery mugs are made on a pottery wheel.  
    The handles bowls and mouthpieces are also made on the wheel.  
    All parts are then attached together. 
    It can be used for coffee, tea beer or any beverage.
    This mug pipe combo mug is  3 1/2 inches tall 3 1/2 inches wide  and will hold 10
     oz of coffee or other favorite beverage. 
    This clay smoking one hitter pipe mug was made with stoneware clay and an  underglaze Christmas  decal design added. With a blue glaze on the top. 
     Glazed in food-safe glazes. 
     It is double-walled and the handle is hollow to allow smoke to run through. 
    Once you drink from a handmade pottery mug you won't want to drink from anything else keeps hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. 
    This wake and bake mug is dishwasher microwave and oven safe.  
    It can be cleaned by putting in a cold oven heating to  500 for 1/2  hour.
    This is a blunt holder wake and bake mug unique coffee mug is Made in Canada 
    Great stoner gift. Cool party gift. 
    Is it 420 yet?
    Tobacco product. You must be of legal age in your state or province of residence to purchase.